Tell yourself true lies

Tell yourself true lies

We were supposed to make up untruths about ourselves to make us sound unbelievably wonderful. At the time I thought it to be a very stupid assignment, most probably purely because of my shortcoming as a poet.

Now, I believe that by ‘lying’ to ourselves then this teacher aided us to create a vision of who we wanted to be.

Most of us are unable to see the truth of who we can be or see the life we actually can live. If it is hard for you to see the potential in yourself …. If it is hard for you to imagine a life free from depression, anger, regret, fear …… if it is hard for you to see yourself at your goal weight, living a healthy life …. then maybe start by expressing it as a fantasy.

Think up some story as to who you want to be, what life you want to live – and soon you’ll create the necessary blueprint for stretching your accomplishments.

In order to live into that self you need to have a picture of your higher self. At Ficus Coaching we always teach our clients to ‘Fake it, Till you Make it’!

(The lie will become the truth)