Ficus 14 day challenge

We have had a wonderful response to the 14 day Metal detox challenge we extended this week. We have also enjoyed the feedback that we received from everybody taking part, and we loved the enthusiasm that some of you showed by immediately asking what you can do, and how to achieve this. Well done!

It is never about what you can do, but always about what you ARE doing!

What we did find intriguing was the few people that immediately responded by mentioning how long the 14 days are. They almost seemed nervous to start changing their thoughts, and in doing so start changing their lives. 14 Days to increase happiness14 Days to feel more positive14 days to find solutions14 days to a better relationship with your spouse, children, colleagues etc14 days to better productivity14 days to more energy. 14 days to start creating the live you long for. Is that really too long?

And what if …. what if you have to start fresh every single day? What if you have to start fresh every single hour? What wonderful progress you have made. Why? Because you are now consciously aware of your thoughts and the impact of your thoughts on your life. You are now consciously deciding to make a change. And as with every new skill and every new practice – it takes time – and when you start doing it consistently, you start seeing the results.

And what if it takes you 365 days to complete a 14 day Mental Detox? That would be a year of positive focus, positive action, positive results – a year of increasing all the good stuff you experience in your life.

If not now, when?

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