Ficus Challenge Tip: Owning your life

We continually hear about empowerment and giving power to people, and yes, it is absolutely important.  The thing is just that no person, no country, no job title can give you true power nor the feeling of empowerment.  The ONLY thing that can truly empower you is YOU deciding to take full ownership of your life.

How do you do that?  By firstly taking full responsibility for everything and every result that is in your life.  It sounds easy, doesn’t it?  It is!  The thing is that we usually only want to take full ownership for the good stuff, and we find it easier to rather ‘blame’ someone else for the bad stuff. [/one_half last]

No matter how we debate it, and in fact it is not even relevant … if during the 14 day challenge you can decide to take ownership of everything in your life, you will find how this can empower you.  No matter what happens (especially if it is the bad stuff), if you can say, “for this being in my life, right here, right now, I take full responsibility for it – what can I do to make it different?” you instantly give yourself the power to direct your life, your results and your emotions in the direction you want.

The moment I blame someone else for the results I have in my life, is the moment I give that person full power over my life.  I will then have to wait for that person to make some changes (which might never happen), I will also have to wait for that person to steer my life.

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