Health and fitness are not the same


Most people think that fitness implies health, but the truth is that they don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The ideal is to have both health and fitness, but by putting health first, you will always enjoy tremendous benefits in your life. The failure to grasp the difference between fitness and health is what causes most individuals to experience frustration of working out religiously and still having the same 10 kg’s stubbornly clinging to their midsection.

Why are we focussing on this today?

How you feel, your levels of energy, your physically well-being, your daily experiences between pain and pleasure directly impacts your success.  With success I mean, the quality of your relationships, your productivity at work, the impact you have in your marriage and at home, in fact every little thing that means a lot to you.

If you want to increase your happiness levels, if you want to experience the best of everything …. start by making your health your focus.

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