Corporate Coaching services


Success is ultimately measured by performance. Our one-on-one NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coaching Techniques are designed to sharpen and perfect the already acquired skills of an individual and can assist in growth and development by enhancing productivity, improving job satisfaction and job longevity, by….


  • Providing understanding of self and others
  • Acknowledging strengths and development needs: continuous learning and self-development, believing in own self-worth and capabilities
  • Focusing on Self-mastery: managing thoughts, feelings and behaviour to promote personal, career and organisation success
  • Determining what really drives each staff member and why
  • Building team trust, respect, co-dependency
  • Increasing EQ
  • Clarifying vision and action steps to inspire
  • Relieving tension and building stronger relationships
  • Setting, planning and achieving desired personal and professional goals
  • Ensuring high proficiency at management level

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